In just a few clicks, Axelens gives you access to offers from the top specialty lens manufacturers in Europe.

All our products are developed in master glass laboratories across Europe.

What are your options when a patient has uncommon vision problems?

In France, 60,000 people are affected with high vision loss, such as severe myopia, strabismus, and serious cases of astigmatism or presbyopia.

As an optician, you are likely confronted several times a year with unusual cases, and you may come to an unfortunate conclusion: standard lens manufacturers cannot provide the highly specialized lenses your clients need. A further challenge is that European laboratories that design specialty lenses work in only one or two technologies.

So, what are your options when it comes to choosing the right technology?

Your best solution: Specialty lenses by Axelens

Axelens provides you with the specialty lenses that best match your clients’ unconventional prescriptions. Our network brings together the top made-to-measure lens manufacturers in Europe, and your orders are delivered in 2 to 4 weeks. From fitting to photographs to communication campaigns with ophthalmologists to after-sales service—Axelens does it all.

Axelens’s unique, high-quality specialty lenses

Whether you are an independent optician, a member of a retail chain, a glass manufacturer, or an optical platform, Axelens offers a turnkey solution to meet your clients’ most specific needs.

All our partners have perfectly mastered their crafts and manufacture their lenses on a made-to-measure basis to develop ever more effective specialty lenses. Axelens selects the best-suited options and submits them for your approval. In other words, we offer guidance and allow you to provide your customers with the highest standard of comfort, at the best price and in a timely manner.

Eye conditions are a veritable disability in everyday life. Your clients deserve the best possible treatments, so go forward and bank on our made-to-measure options!

Testimonials: yes, extremely low vision can be corrected

“The more awareness given to low vision, the more visually-impaired people will feel understood and the less prejudice there will be (…). The people we meet suffer from impaired vision in daily life.”

Source: – La Basse vision

“In France, visual impairments affect around 1.7 million people, to various extents. Among them, 70,000 are children (…). That is equivalent to the population of a city like Pau, Lorient, or La Rochelle, and represents a lot of people.”

Source: Acuité Portail de l’optique – L’enfant malvoyant, un enfant comme les autres ? 

Interested in our made-to-measure lenses? Become a referring optician!

Joining our pool as a referring optician allows you to receive your specialty lens orders more quickly and at below-market prices. Being a referring optician is also an opportunity to improve your brand identity and boost your sales by managing unusual cases: your clients will view you as a reference that can deal with strong lens corrections. Offsetting low vision is an opportunity for all. Join our European network now!