Our mission at Axelens is to help eye-care professionals find made-to-measure optical devices

4 types of specialty lenses adjusted to the needs of visually impaired people

Axelens gives you access to the products of the best glass manufacturers across Europe. Unifocal, multifocal, progressive, prismatic lenses: whatever the needs of your clients and the unconventional prescriptions you have to deal with, Axelens will find the rare gem you are looking for.

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Let’s suppose a client has brought you a prescription for strong vision correction and your supplier isn’t able to make the appropriate specialty lenses. No panic: tell us your exact need and we will consult with the glass manufacturers of our European network. Then, you just have to browse our selection and pick the ideal lens, and place your order: the product is delivered to your client in 2 to 4 weeks!

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