Why not partner with an expert in specialty lenses?

Axelens is also a network of referring professionals

Axelens has a network of partners across Europe to meet all optical needs, including the most complex cases. To become a referring optician for Axelens, you need only commit to placing all your specialty lens orders with us. What do you get in return? A whole lot of benefits!

How can I become a referring optician? What are the benefits?

Partnering with Axelens as a referring optician gives you access to the following benefits:

  • No more need to deal with the research and logistics for your specialty lens orders
  • You can dedicate more time to customer satisfaction
  • Your orders are processed in priority, at below-market prices
  • Your brand gets increased awareness among low-vision patients
  • You benefit from free local communication campaigns with ophthalmologists

Want to become a referring optician? It’s easy: just send us an email!

White-labelling with Axelens

As of January 2019, Axelens now allows you to order your specialty lenses with white-labelling.  Contact us for more information!

Partnerships – helping eye-care professionals deliver the best service

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