We are improving and increasing the handling of specialty lenses orders, to serve and enhance the value of Vision professionals throughout Europe!

About us

AXELENS® is a new specialty lenses trading company.
We advise the Vision professionals, including by phone, and have them ordering through a one-stop-webshop, where all offers from the EU « specialty vision labs » are aggregated.
AXELENS® turns available worldwide a range of solutions for single opticians who send us their orders, and for corporations (glass makers, optical chains…) that wish to send us their opticians’ orders.

A turnkey service

We offer the best solutions in Europe for tailor-made specialty lenses. Whether you are an independent optician, chain optician, glass manufacturer or platform manufacturer, we offer a complete turnkey service. From January 2019, it will even be possible to operate as a white label for your company.

Our expertise

Very low vision affects between 60,000 and 100,000 people in France, and conventional lens manufacturers do not have the skills to make such technical lenses. In partnership with the best glass laboratories in Europe, AXELENS provides a solution to these intense vision problems with high-quality tailor-made specialty lenses at affordable prices.

Our work


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